What we do

Springfield India is a Premier Investment and Asset Management Firm focused on delivering unique insight and partnership for the most sophisticated global high networth and institutional investors. Springfield India manages Equitey and Debt Investments as well as Aircraft Assets.

Investing with Purpose

We aim to deliver strong returns and shared success to those we serve with perfect exposure to equity and debt.

Investments to meet Goals

Each investor has a different story, and with our range of funds we’re helping more investors build solid financial futures

Portfolio Resilience

With shared investment objective and clear strategies we deliver sustained performance and higher average returns

Enjoy the benefit of both worlds by investing in multi-cap fund.

This fund captures the high returns associated with resilience of large caps and dynamics of mid-small cap stocks of high growth high earning companies.

Equity Fund

Invest in the fund that invests in companies across different market caps and hence reduce the amount of risk in the fund. Diversification helps prevent events that could affect a single sector for affecting the fund, and hence reduce risk.

Debt Fund

Invest in the fund that invest in debt instruments with a specific date of maturity, also enjoy the status of debt funds. After the date of maturity, the investment is redeemed at current NAV and the maturity proceeds are paid back to the investors.

Hybrid Fund

Invest in balanced advantage or dynamic allocation fund that invests in a mix of stocks and bonds for consistent and stable returns. Allocation is changed based on the market conditions to provide you optimal returns with minimal risk.

Where we invest

We invest in high growth high income listed securities(equity and debt) which are major contributors in Indian and global economy. Our major investments encompass leading technology, infrastructure and consumer discretionary space.

Invest for major goals in life

Helpful to investors who have long-term goals like saving for children’s education or retirement. They can also be beneficial when combined with other investments.

Invest for Regular Income

Fund invests in companies which give regular dividend which is a share of a company’s profit distributed among its investors. Companies that pay regular dividends are usually stable and have healthy financials, which allow them to generate continuous profit. These dividends offer you a steady stream of annual income by distributing a portion of a company’s profits to its investors regularly.

Invest for the best opportunity

A variety of investment themes present opportunities in many sectors. This fund aims to maximize the returns to investors by targeting some of these themes. The fund manager might seek to maximize performance using themes such as infra push and economy transition etc.

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